spiritual coach

"Jo Allen is the Queen of the Psychic Visions"

It can be exhausting, difficult and lonely to manoeuvre your way through life as an empath or growing up with psychic gifts.

As a spiritual coach I love to help provide the guidance and teaching which I could never find myself in the past.  All sessions are intuitively guided by the angels to help the client understand what their true essence is, reach their true potential and offer them spiritual guidance while working at a very high viberations.  I can help the client connect to their own spirit guides and angels, offering them the tools and awareness to help them deal with their own intuitive gifts, so they find their own true power and strength.

These sessions are not the teaching of others, they are insight into my unique connection with the angels and the relationship I have had with them since childhood.

  • ​Provide insights into our spiritual path and areas which we can develop

  • Guiding the client to review their belief and awakening their own spirituality

  • Offering tools and methods to help clear their spiritual path

  • ​Mentor clients so they understand their own psychic gifts

  • Guide and train empaths on how to deal with the world which can be difficult and overwhelming

  • Teach clients how to connect with the angels and their own spirit guides