Angelic Healing

"A healing session with Jo is an amazing experience.  She works closely with the angels to clear blocks, ancestral patterns, past life experiences, cleanse chakras and much, much more"

Each healing session with the angels is a truly wonderful experience.  I have been given unique gifts which I love to share with others to help them heal, tapping into the direct power and healing energy of Archangel Raphael.


So often our body is trying to tell us things through injuries or illnesses and sadly so very often we choose not to listen until our bodies shout at us for help.  The angels can relay our bodies messages looking down on our lives from a higher perspective.  They show us how our emotions are reacting and heal wounds from our past through soul retrieval.  Remotely they can channel energy healing through  me to  help heal in so many ways and in so many layers of life, whether in this life, past life or ancestral patterns.  These powerful healing sessions are totally bespoke for each individual but often the angels provide us with healing for our hearts and souls so we are stronger to deal with lives challenges, as well as helping us let go of past experiences so we can move forward in our lives.

Below are some of the offering from Archangel Raphael and Michael.  If  this resonates with you and you would like to know more about the sessions please reach out to me.

  • ​​Balance head, heart and soul.  Connecting the client to their heart and soul so they can be guided and comfort​​

  • Reunite the client with their true essence so they can harness their power and move forward with strength and courage

  • Release locked grief which has held the client back, often they are unaware of how events in their life have held emotions and behavioural patterns ever since

  • Channel messages from past loved ones in a caring and sensitive way

  • Give comfort to sadness from loss and grief.  Send healing love from the angels to the client

  • Review relationships, giving the  client a plan of action, strategies and methods to deal with certain relationships and events

  • Empower the client to be in control of opening and closing their heart space, to receive and give love in equal measures

  • Provide insights into relationships, re ran patterns and beliefs.  With this awareness can come reprogramming of these past behaviours

  • Provide enlightenment and spiritual information whilst offering actions and new approaches to areas of the clients life

  • Review the deep triggers for anxiety and fear, often that the client is unaware of

  • Highlight emotions which are controlling the clients decisions and provide balance for them

  • Listen to messages held within the body and channel the appropriate angelic healing

  • Identify energetic cords and patterns from this life, past lives and ancestral.  Help the client cut these connections so they can freely move forward with their lives

  • Review and reassess soul, ancestral and past life contracts to give the client their own power back to live their life to the full

  • Help reconnect the client to their soul - soul retrieval.  Collecting fragments of our soul we have left in the past and reuniting them with us so we feel stronger and more complete

  •   Energetically read the clients energy to see where blocks are held deep within us

  • Realign and clean chakra,  pin point messages and energetic blocks held deep within each of them

  • Align the 7 major chakra with the clients personal soul star and earth star to strengthen them, providing balance and power between each one

  • Clean aura, expand and strengthen it.  Archangel Michael can offer guidance and teaching in these areas to protect us from negative energies

  • Channel remote healing to raise the vibration of client, re balancing and resetting it at a higher level

  • Offer healing from and tools to deal with negative energies