Soul retrieval testimonial

I was lucky enough to experience one of Jo's Soul Retrieval sessions last week and it has been literally life changing for me.  I went in with very little idea how it would work and I left with a real understanding of the many things that have been holding me back. 

It felt like a real journey of discovery and I feel like I was able to clear a lot of negativity from my soul, whilst picking up pieces of myself that I have left behind in the past.


I fell like I have reclaimed parts of myself that I didn't even know I had lost and that it was really important for me to realise that in order to move forward with my life.

Jo's knowledge and expertise of what she does is incredible to see in action and she has so much sensitivity when dealing with your past issues that you feel totally comfortable.

To be able to connect with my soul from the past has really helped me to come to terms with many issues, and to heal myself on a really deep level.

It was truly magical and special that I feel so lucky to have been able to participate in such an incredible experience.

Trinny - UK

 "The reading I received was reassurance that every string tugging at my soul to get a reading was justified.  Not only was she receiving messages from my angels but she was speaking the words my soul has been trying to say to me for a long time.  This reading was the fresh start that I have been looking for to give myself permission to be the best version of myself.  I know I will be a long time client of Jo's and I am thankful for what she has helped me with".

Aubrey - New York

"Before meeting Jo Allen I hadn't driven for  about 2 months because I had really bad anxiety about driving.  After my reading I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and I didn't stress about driving.  The angel reading was a magical experience and I even had a beautiful message from my late grandma.  The next day I felt lighter and much more relaxed.  The angels messages have been a catalyst for so much for me, its been life changing, its inspired me to be brave, to be confident in who I am and to start my own business.  I'm really excited about the future now".

"Amazing reading which gave me such clarity on my way forward in life.  Jo is not only an extremely gifted clairvoyant and medium, she is a kind, and sensitive soul who helped me connect with my heart once more".

"Jo is a beautiful  soul who invites you with open arms into her space.  She listens and connects on a profound spiritual level offering guidance and encouragement at every turn.  I highly recommend Jo to anyone who perhaps has a question or is curious.  I feel blessed to have met her".

"Jo is a very intuitive and empathic soul, who can read the energy of any object, spirit or situation with great compassion and accuracy.  Her angel card readings and mediumship give solace to the sadness of loss and grief".

"My soul awakened with love and harmony.  Jo opened the door to my future and showed me a glimpse of a path I would never have imagined.

Intense waves of bliss came over me.  It felt wonderful, very alive and very real".

"Jo is a compassionate, sensitive and good humoured soul who puts you completely at ease.  The reading was so perfect and reassuring.  My heart now feels a lot lighter".

"I wasn’t expecting to feel so emotional, or cleansed or empowered by Jo’s reading and since the reading I have been more assertive, more energized and aware of my own true power.  I feel unstoppable".

"The most extraordinary experience I have lived in my life.  I feel so relaxed and so free, like I have never felt before".

"Just wanted to say what a lovely reading you gave me.  It felt like chatting with a friend even though we’ve never met before.  You were so truthful in what you said by encouraging me and helping to strengthen my self confidence in my own gifts, some others would not have been.  I knew what you were saying was so accurate because you were so truthful.  I know you will help many people".

"The reading was very reassuring and really very accurate – it literally gave me goose bumps. Jo is a very kind and sensitive individual.  I would highly recommend her".    

"Jo’s reading took me by beautiful surprise.  I wasn’t expecting to be so profoundly connected to her prophetic words.  Two words, from my passed gran, suddenly crystallised my understanding of my dad, and I can make peace with who he is, whilst he’s still alive.  And I feel empowered and full of forgiveness".

"Jo is a compassionate, sensitive and good humoured soul who puts you completely at ease.  The reading was so perfect and reassuring.  My heart now feels a lot lighter".

"Jo Allen is a special soul, here to help shed light in the world".

"My reading has lit a flame of passion in my heart to lead and guide me".

"You are an amazing lady".

"Amazing.  Thank you Jo and Angels.  Magical experience".

"Thank you Jo.  It’s been a great experience which really gets you thinking.  It’s been both inspiring and relaxing.   I feel really calm and sleepy now".

"Jo is an intuitive and empathic soul who is truly gifted.  My reading not only gave me reassurance about a loved one but has shown me the steps I need to take to heal and look after myself in the present".

"Having a reading with Jo was such a positive experience for me, she allowed me to see myself in a different light. I would highly recommend a reading with this lovely lady".

"I had the loveliest reading with Jo.  She is so warm ad welcoming and the whole thing was magical.  She has such a great gift and the whole thing was so special.  It helped me to overcome issues that I was having at the time and gave me a real confidence boost".

Lynn- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"Even an angel intuitive need a reading! Just had one with Jo and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!  Time to fly even higher"

Cynthia - Texas

Hayley - UK

Val - UK

Rachel - UK

Sue - Spain

Zoe - UK