Since childhood I have seen angels and heard them whispering messages to me.  My first sighting of an angel  was when I was aged 5.  Sitting in the classroom I was aware of the sunlight shining brightly through the window.  Starring into the mesmerizing light I noticed the dust particles whizzing around and slowly a beautiful angel appeared.  It floated as if it was a hologram printed on glass.  If I had reached out, I knew my hand would go right through it and that it would disappear. 


The first spirit I saw was when I was in my early teenage years.  It was at my grandma’s house on the day of her funeral.  As I walked in the room I saw her sitting on her favorite chair, as she sat there I was struck by how very happy and peacefully she looked as she gave me a big smile.


As a small child I could read the energy of old objects a long time before I realized I was gifted at psychometry. (The psychic gift of reading the energy within objects). My grandma taught me the magic of treasure hunting and this is a gift I use extensively in my artwork.


All though my life I was told I was too sensitive and too easily upset.  By midlife I realized what I had been told was my greatest flaw was in fact my greatest gift.  Suddenly I discovered I was an extreme empath who felt the energy of other people and my surroundings.  My close friend gifted to me a reading with the super talented psychic Jayne Wallace who owns Psychic Sister in Selfridges department store in London's West End.  As I stepped one foot into her room she said I was exactly like her and I had very rare gifts which I should share with the world.  It was as if she lifted such a weight from my shoulders and her words gave me not only clarity on the power of my gifts but also how I could use them to help others. 


Now I know who I truly am.  I am an angel whisperer, an intuitive healer, an artist, a wife and a mother too.  I have a confidence in who I am as I always know my angels are closely by my side.


I live in the English countryside with my husband and three children in a home we have filled with keepsakes and mementos from happy times.


Please reach out if you would like to stay in touch as I would love to hear from you.

With love