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Jo Allen is an experienced psychic, medium and an intuitive healer guided by the angels who she has seen since childhood.

During a reading Jo effortlessly channels messages from the angels, receiving information from a very high vibration, in an extremely compassionate and caring way.  Jo offers the client secure, safe, welcoming space with humility, kindness and encouragement. 


The angels messages give you great insight into the balance between actions in your head, your heart and your soul.  This can powerfully clear blocks, fears and limiting beliefs which have been holding you back so you can step forward with great clarity and confidence.  You can leave feeling enlightened, clearer, unburdened and empowered to reach your true potential in life.  These soul readings help clients heal, lifting emotional blocks, releasing deep rooted fears and installing reassuring self love. 


As a gifted intuitive healer who is guided by the angels each reading by Jo is tailor made for the individual in a unique and magical way.  Guided by Archangel Raphael, Jo can clear energy blocks, realign chakras and auras as well as retrieve parts of our souls left in the past.  Jo can channel remote angelic healing worldwide.  The angels send messages to Jo through seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and touch.  Jo is able to incorporate her rare gift of Psychometry (where she tunes into an object of a loved one) during her medium sessions.

Jo offers a variety of sessions in person, Skype, Facetime or by phone.  They include Angel Soul readings, Angelic Healing, Spiritual Coaching and Mentorship.

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Testimonial by Charlie Travers, 'Hollywood Medium' show: 

"The reading with Jo was so much more profound than I could have imagined.  It was one of the most helpful, healing, reassuring and insightful readings I have ever had and I've had a lot.

It was magical, the space that she held was so soft and gently, with no judgement at all.  The information was really very accurate, I was shocked.  It was surprising how precise all the things were and how they applied to my life, giving me extra insight as well as tools to implement them.  This will really help me get back on the right track.  It was very emotional because it resonated so deeply, there were so many things said were so real and so true.  The reading really reassured me that Jo, with her guides, and angels are around. They do see whats going on, they are loving me and getting me back on track to my truer self.

The information Jo gave me was priceless.  It was one of the most profound, powerful and healing readings I have ever had.  I think Jo is amazing".

"Jo Allen is a super talented, beautiful intuitive soul.

Her amazing visualisation skills are like nothing I have ever experienced before.  My reading was like the perfect gift wrapped up with a big bow.  Inside this gift was understanding and freedom from the past, clarity as well as guidance for the present moment and focus on the future.  Included in the reading was a sprinkling of healing for my heart and soul too.  Afterwards I felt so much lighter, brighter and empowered to face my fears and fly. 

The world is most definitely a brighter place for having  Jo and the angels close by."

Carrie Stiers - Psychic and Medium. Florida