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Focusing on womens health, wealth and wellbeing.
The Angel Whisperer

"Since youth I have heard angels whisper, seen spirits close and felt the psychic story of objects as I held them in my hand."

Jo Allen psychic medium angel whisperer

“Working with Jo Allen is transformative.  She is such a bright light and her connection with the angels is true, deep and powerful.  Just one session will change you life forever.  I feel so blessed and appreciative to have connected with her”

Angie - USA


“Jo connected me with the soul of my 18 yr old son who passed from cancer.  The reassurance, inner peace and calm she gave me was beautiful and healing.  Jo is a beautiful soul and her connection with the angels and energies beyond the veil is a very special gift.  She is sensitive and very easy to talk to.... she is an Angel on earth”

— Jo - UK

How can i help you?

  • With the angels help you can connect with your true feminine, goddess power which you may have no idea exists within you.  Once discovered this can help give you strength, clarity and huge growth you in all aspects of your life.  A session can help you with your health, your wealth and your well being.  Wealth to the angels is not only financial but also an abundance of joy, love, inspiration, ideas and much more.


  • The powerful clarity the angels give you to your past, present and future means you no longer feel lost, confused or unable to move forward.  If you feel stuck they are able to highlight and remove blocks you may not even be aware of. 

  • The angels offer an amazing insight into all areas of your life so that you feel enlightened, empowered, focused and free to reach your true potential. ​​


  • Angel Soul Readings can give you guidance on your health, well being, relationships, career, finances and environment.  A growing number of clients reach out to me for life and business coaching with the angels.

  • Angelic Healing sessions help lift hidden emotional blocks and release deep rooted fears, replacing them instead with a reassuring sense of worth and self-love.

  • During both Angel Soul Readings and Angelic Healing Sessions I can connect you with your loved ones who have passed, your angels and your own spirit guides in a gently, compassionate way.


  • Often physical pain we feel is our body trying to communicate with us.  The Angels can relay as well as interpret these messages to offer beautiful healing.


  • Archangel Raphael helps me in my work as an Angelic Healer to clear energy blocks, realign chakras and auras, as well as retrieving parts of our soul left in past or trauma.


  • Through my gift of Psychometry, I am able to read the emotional story and history of a treasured object you may own. This adds another layer to both Angel Readings and connections with passed loved ones.

is it time to book a reading?

I offer a variety of different Angel Whispering Sessions.  You can book an Angel Soul Reading, an Angel Healing or a Spiritual Coaching session with me through Zoom, Facetime, Skype or by phone.

I love Instagram. Regularly I post pictures, videos and host free Live Angel Card readings which are great fun.  You can discover me @joallenangelwhisperer.

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Testimonial by Charlie Travers, 'Hollywood Medium' TV show: 

"The reading with Jo was so much more profound than I could have imagined.  It was one of the most helpful, healing, reassuring and insightful readings I have ever had and I've had a lot.

It was magical, the space that she held was so soft and gently, with no judgement at all.  The information was really very accurate, I was shocked.  It was surprising how precise all the things were and how they applied to my life, giving me extra insight as well as tools to implement them.  This will really help me get back on the right track.  It was very emotional because it resonated so deeply, there were so many things said were so real and so true.  The reading really reassured me that Jo, with her guides, and angels are around. They do see whats going on, they are loving me and getting me back on track to my truer self.


The information Jo gave me was priceless.  It was one of the most profound, powerful and healing readings I have ever had.  I think Jo is amazing".